Toshiba’s latest “portable-typewriter” laptop to beat according to CNET


Toshiba Portege R835-P56X Review – Laptops – CNET Reviews

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There is now a “race for the best” going on with the 13” “traveller / hotspot-user friendly” class of laptop at the moment thanks to the new Sandy Bridge technology. This is even though the netbook is appealing as a The gauntlet had been laid down by Apple with their latest MacBook Pro laptop for the MacOS X platform and everyone is trying to match this goal in an affordable way.

Examples of the improvements we will see with these computers will be improved video performance as well as an increase in the runtime available for the computer on its own battery. Some of these machines could allow for a hot-footed workday without the need to look for power outlets so you can charge up that laptop.

An example of this is Toshiba’s Portege R835-P56X laptop which uses this technology. The CNET review posted improvements in battery life by 3 hours over the previous model as well as video performance. This battery runtime period that was quoted for the Toshiba when running a video clip was nearly 8 hours, which would cover a typical workday of hotspot-surfing or public-transport working. It also is ready for USB 3.0 and can work with Wi-Fi N wireless networks.

Yet this machine still comes with an integrated DVD burner as well as 4Gb RAM and 640Gb on the hard disk. This capacity may be important when you take those digital pictures and you want to “dump” them to the computer for editing and uploading while on the go. But users may have to check their configuration comes with integrated Bluetooth when they “spec” the unit they want if they do want this function. This would be more important if you do want to pass audio to an amplifier using a Bluetooth A2DP audio module, use your favourite Bluetooth headset to Skype with or use this technology to “tether” your mobile phone to the computer.

At least the new Sandy Bridge technology could allow for this class of laptop computer to improve and become more appealing to those of us who create content while “on the go”.

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