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The ABC’s of Understanding Internet Service Providers | Internet Service

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I was sent an email about this article at InternetServiceProviders.Org which is a new “at-a-glance” Internet-service directory for the USA. It outlines the common terms that will bamboozle people when they buy Internet service; especially as they read, listen to or watch the advertising that the ISPs will run.

But I have always and will always advise Internet customers to consider multi-service deals which encompass regular or mobile telephony, and / or multi-channel pay TV as well as the broadband Internet. This is especially more so if you already have an ongoing telephone or pay-TV service and you want to start purchasing Internet service.

One thing that I would like to see from this site is a continual news feed about situations that will affect retail Internet service in the US. This includes service-provider behaviour like recent Comcast issues; the provisioning of improved Internet service such as fibre-optic Internet or efforts to bring broadband to rural areas.

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