Solwise does it again–this time with HomePlug AV2

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Product Page (PL-600AV-SMT-PIGGY AC Passthrough HomePlug AV2 adaptor)

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Linksys and Zyxel had offered two HomePlug AV2 devices to the North American market that are based on the first generation of this technology. Here, these units don’t implement the multiple-input multiple-output functionality that allows for higher throughput but the current implementations allow for robust HomePlug-based powerline network segments.

Regular readers will know that the HomePlug AV2 technology provides an improvement over the HomePlug AV and AV500 by integrating various abilities that allow for robustness, such as the ability for a HomePlug AV2 node to become its own repeater. This is in addition to it being able to use the safety earth wire along with the power wires to provide for increased signal reliability in the most difficult of operating environments such as commercial or industrial environments or inter-building links.

Solwise have become the first to roll out a HomePlug AV2 setup with the same first-generation implementation for the UK market and the first to show up this product with the UK mains plug. This time it is in the form of a GBP£29.59 “homeplug” with a Gigabit Ethernet socket and a filtered AC passthrough outlet to plug your other appliances into. This means that you don’t forfeit an AC outlet just to run your HomePlug AV2 segment.

What I see of this is that Solwise are validating the HomePlug technology by selling equipment that isn’t ordinary but can do a lot more. They even place their cards on the table by exposing what chipsets these units use so that people can know what runs best for their small network.

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