Intel to increase chip fabrication presence in Europe

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Intel plans up to €80bn investment in European chip fabs | total telecom

Semi-conducteurs : Intel va investir des milliards d’euros sur le Vieux Continent – ZDNet (French language / Langue française)

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Intel is kicking on with increasing the number of semiconductor fabrication facilities around the world in response to the chip shortage. This includes their effort of opening these factories up as semiconductor foundries where they make the silicon chips for other designers and companies.

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Intel to have two factories within the European Continent

This includes some action within Europe, although Intel already has an operational chip factory within Ireland. Here they are determining the location of two large semiconductor fabrication plants that have foundry abilities within Continental Europe. This could be within France, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands or Poland.

It is part of an Intel worldwide plan to have 8 new factories established and turning out silicon chips over the next ten years.This is part of repairing and improving the silicon supply chain so there is less dependence on an Asian-focused supply chain for CPUs and other advanced silicon chips.

For Europe, this is about gaining technological sovereignty especially where European manufacturers are turning out finished products that implement advanced microelectronics. Firstly, today’s vehicles are being built in such a way where they are effectively a computer on wheels and Europe has a very strong automotive industry.

I see it also extending to Europe’s strong domestic and commercial appliance sector. This is where equipment like ovens, fridges and washing machines are effectively controlled by advanced computer technology, sometimes offering advanced user interfaces like touchscreens. Again these appliance manufacturers

France would also benefit strongly in other ways. For example, Toulouse is still seen as the hub of Europe’s aerospace technology thanks to the likes of Airbus. Even for general-purpose computing, France has come to the fore with Qarnot who manufacture server computers that double as room heaters or water boilers by passing off their waste heat for heating a room or giving you a hot shower.

Further on, European governments are behind this effort in order to encourage Europe to gain its prowess in the technological fields. This may be seen as a way to gain their original “clout” when it came to consumer and business tech during the 1960s and before; or it could be a way for European companies to carve out their distinctive technological niches.

Similarly this is about encouraging the development of general-purpose computing, especially server / cloud computing within Europe. Here, it can be about the goal of computing clouds that are owned by European companies and working to European values.

At least Intel is enveloping Europe as a major part of its strategy to rectify the silicon-chip shortage that has come about lately.

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