Microsoft’s latest Bluetooth mouse is now made of recycle ocean-found plastics


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Microsoft Ocean Plastic Mouse

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Microsoft launched at this week’s Surface hardware product launch a new Bluetooth mouse that is made from recycled plastics.

Here, the mouse, known as the Microsoft Ocean Plastic Mouse, is made from the various items of plastic litter that are found in the bottom of oceans and waterways. This achievement has been brought on thanks to the involvement of Saudi Basic Industries Corporation who is a subsidiary of Saudi Aramco.

Some could see this as an attempt by Big Oil to greenwash but they are moving towards investing in plastic technologies due to reduced demand for oil as a transport fuel thanks to the takeup of electric vehicles. But this effort here is about using a significant amount of recycled plastic to build housings for consumer electronics and allied devices where the look does matter.

The Microsoft Ocean Plastic Mouse connects to the host device via Bluetooth and even implements Bluetooth 5.0 LE technology for this connection. This means that it does away with you having to deal with a USB receiver dongle that you could easily lose.

As an input device, this mouse is technically similar to other Microsoft mice released over the last few years and this includes the availability of buttons that can be defined by the end-user. For power, it can run one a single AA Duracell with a promised run-time of 12 months.

Microsoft is expecting to launch this mouse to the US market on October 5 and for it to cost USD$24.99. But it is a way not just of providing environmental credentials in a product’s design but also about Bluetooth operation.

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