Telstra’s vaccination ad campaign debunks vaccine and 5G myths in one hit


Mark Humphries debunks vaccine myths in latest Telstra campaign (

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Telstra has joined the large number of private-sector actors including its airline equivalent Qantas in running campaigns for us to get ourselves vaccinated against the COVID-119 coronavirus plague.

Here, Telstra is exploiting its position as a mobile telephony carrier to tackle the 5G mobile-broadband myths that are often run in the same breath as anti-vax myths. This is due to the fact that anti-vaccination conspiracy theorists run other themes like the harm caused by 5G mobile broadband and other non-ionisating radiation sources. 

Mark Humphries who is the voice of this campaign, uses a comic line to underscore the way these conspiracy theorists approach you to spill all their nonsense. He even uses the same humour to play on these remarks so as to have you sort the truth out from the nonsense that they tell you.

Even that line “do your own research” that they quote is turned around to mean to do research from proper knowledgeable sources who are qualified to talk about these things.

But I like the fact that he comes at the vaccination issue from the same kind of approach used by those who peddle this disinformation which can often include people within our social circle.

Here, the proper information is that these COVID vaccines like both doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine which I had are delivered purely as a liquid to be injected using garden-variety medical-use syringes and needles. They have been tested for safety and efficacy before being approved and have nothing to do with 5G (or other non-ionising) radiation, microchips or magnetism.

Don’t fall for the nonsense! Get those proper vaccination jabs and stay safe!

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