New logo for 240w USB-C cables and chargers


Suitable USB-C cables will be able to handle 240w of DC power

The USB-C 240W Cables Get New Logos to Help You Find Them (

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USB-C to allow 240 watts power for gaming laptops

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USB Implementers Forum

USB-IF Announces New Certified USB Type-C® Cable Power Rating Logos (PDF file)

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USB logos courtesy of USB Implementers Forum

It will be easier to make sure that the cable or charger for that laptop or other device dependent on the new USB-C PowerDelivery Extended Power Range specification is up to scratch before you buy. This specification puts up 240 watts of power to the endpoint device and is fit for powering gaming or creator laptops and mobile workstations but could also be used to power 4K UHD monitors for example.

Here, the USB Implementers Forum have released a new packaging logo that identifies that the cable or charger is compliant with this standard extension. It is in addition to a similar logo that is used to show that a cable is fit to transfer data at 40Gbps.

This may make it easier for us to identify whether the cable or charger we want to buy is fit for purpose with that USB-C-powered gaming laptop. But questions are being raised about the existing stock of cables existing in various wholesale and retail inventories that are technically compliant but don’t have the logo.

As well, there are questions about whether a cable that can technically move 40Gbps of data has to be also compatibility with the Extended Power Range update to the USB PD standard. This can also lead to us being concerned about whether that cable can either work as a high-bandwidth data cable or as a high-power charging / power cable especially for those applications where data bandwidth and power capacity do matter.

For example it could be about an uplink cable that is to connect a powered USB4 dock that supports the new USB-C Power Delivery specification extension to that gaming laptop or powerful NUC-type desktop computer. Or to look for latest-spec cables that answer both of these new needs rather than opting for cheaper cables that only answer one of the requirements.

At least these logos appearing on those USB-C cable blister-packs or on online product descriptions for USB-C cables can help us to be sure that these cables are fit-for-purpose for the latest USB4 or USB PowerDelivery Extended Power Range specifications.

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