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Instagram desktop app for Windows 10 and 11


Instagram will now let you post from your desktop | Digit

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Some of you who use a proper digital camera or use photo-editing software on a regular computer will want to post your images on Instagram. But it has been very difficult to do this. Or you would have preferred to use your regular computer’s large screen to preview that picture or video in a better way before having it up on the ‘gram.

Upload screen for Instagram Windows 10 app

You can upload pictures from your regular Windows computer here

Either you had to use a questionable third=party software package, run the Instagram mobile app in an Android emulator like BlueStacks or transfer the pictures to your smartphone or mobile-platform tablet to upload to Instagram.

But lately Instagram has offered to Windows 10 / 11 users a desktop app that now allows you to post images held on your computer’s main storage. This is available only through the Microsoft Store for Windows 10 and 11. This has most likely been in response to the Insta-influencer community as well as brands who want to use Instagram as part of their social-media presence.

Here, these users want to be able to use a combination of a high-quality digital camera, desktop photo/video editing software running on highly-capable regular computers, as well as keyboards that you can comfortably type meaningful captions on. This is something you can’t really

You then need to log in to Instagram using your Instagram or Facebook credentials to effectively connect this app to your Instagram account. Once you run it, you then have access to the main feed which has all the accounts you follow. You can see the Stories that the accounts you follow publish which are available as a line of circular icons along the top.

But the exciting thing here is that when you click on the “+” icon on the app’s interface, you are invited to drag images and drop them in to the panel for publishing. You are also given the opportunity to choose image files using the Windows file-selection interface by clicking “Select From Computer”.

What Instagram would need to do is to offer a similar desktop app for the MacOS platform because this is one where a significant number of people in the creative-arts and allied sectors use.

But at least Instagram is making it easier to use your regular computer as part of putting images up on that platform.

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