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A serious speaker manufacturer makes the wireless speaker more credible

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Stream 3 – Cabasse

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Those of you who have followed this Website earlier on may have read the review I did of the Rotel RCX-1500 CD receiver which was able to also pick up DAB+ radio broadcasts, tune in to Internet radio and pick up content on DLNA-capable media servers like most network-attached storage devices. Here I tested this receivvr with a pair of Cabasse Antigua MT30 bookshelf speakers and had mentioned that these speakers or ones of a similar quality would accompany the Rotel as a simplified high-quality “three-piece” hi-fi setup for that apartment.

Now Cabasse have released a wireless speaker system that works with either a Bluetooth wireless link or a small Wi-Fi wireless network. Like the Sony SA-NS410 and SA-NS510 wireless speakers that I just reviewed, this speaker system can work with Apple AirPlay or the open-standard DLNA network media setups; as well as become an Internet radio when used with Cabasse’s mobile-platform control app.

But unlike most wireless speakers, this system uses a “three-piece” setup with two small “satellite” speakers for the high frequencies and a bass module for the low frequencies. Here, the bass module also has the electronics to interface with the home network as well as a USB socket for memory keys and hard drives full of music. This layout with the relocatable speakers is liked by a lot of music enthusiasts so as to provide real stereo separation for the music.

What I have seen of this is that Cabasse, a name of respect for hi-fi speakers, has joined in to the wireless-speaker game and catered for this with support for a multi-speaker setup using their knowhow that they have used with the Antiguas and similar speakers. This is alongside Bang & Olufsen launching an AirPlay / DLNA wireless speaker as one of their design pieces alongside them supplying the PlayMaker module which converts any Beolab “piece of art” into a wireless speaker.