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Devices not associating with your Draytek router? Check for “compatibility modes”

I have tried to connect my Nokia N85 mobile phone and a Kogan Internet radio (which is on loan for an upcoming review) with a 2007-era Draytek VPN-endpoint router used as our household’s Internet “edge”. But what would happen is that I would supply the correct WPA-PSK passphrase and it would not admit the device. It would admit Apple MacOS X and iPhone equipment as well as Windows computers without a hitch. The problem was that the router was on a WEP-WPA compatibility mode which you may have set up for when not many embedded WiFi network clients supported WPA out-of-the-box.

A good idea would be to make sure your router operates in WPA security mode. This is to make sure all your WPA clients associate properly and quickly when you give them the WPA-PSK passphrase and your network is also secure to the full extent of the WPA standard.