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Microsoft Security Essentials–now free to small shops and offices and the like

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Microsoft Security Essentials available to Small Businesses on October 7

My comments

Microsoft have an entry-level antimalware program called Security Essentials which was previously available free to home users and students. This required all business users to consider using their premium Forefront Security Suite or other competing desktop security software solutions for their computer security.

This put small businesses and organisations lie shops, medical practices, religious organisations, non-profits and the like who had a few computers on their network in a very difficult position especially when it came to easy-to-manage desktop security software, Now Microsoft have answered this need by varying the End User License Agreement for this program to allow small business users with up to 10 computers to run this program.

One of the reasons that I am pleased with this change is that it is easy for the owner of a small organisation (who is responsible for that organisation’s IT) to set up and manage desktop security on Windows-based computers with this easy-to-manage program. It works in conjunction with Windows Firewall and has very little that is needed to adjust, which will please most of this kind of user who may not have good computer skills.

This therefore may be a way for a small shop or similar operation with a few Windows computers to save money on their desktop security software. One improvement I would like to see is for Apple MacOS users to benefit from a free desktop-security program because as this platform becomes popular, malware writers will target it.