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Nigerian people now address their association with the 419 scams

Main article

‘Maga No Need Pay’: Nigeria Gets Creative to Fight Cyber Scams | Microsoft On The Issues blog (Microsoft)

Music video – “Maga No Need Pay”

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My comments on this action

Previously, I had written about social networking sites being used as part of 419-style scams, primarily in the form of the “lost traveller” appeal on these sites.

After reading the blog article about Microsoft assisting Nigerian music talent to take steps to educate the youth against cybercrime, I was impressed about how this country can turn itself around and out of the “419-scam” quagmire.

The song was emphasised at the youth there who would think it was cool to become engaged in these scams and other cybercrime, especially thinking they could “live large” on the profits of these scams at the expense of their victims or “maga”. It is part of the Microsoft-led programs which work in a similar way to “Hand Brake Turn” and similar redirection programs sponsored by churches and similar non-profit organisations to steer youth who are at risk of committing crime away from it.

Here, it is definitely a break from the usual information that exists about these scams where the emphasis is on preventing people becoming victims of these scams.