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Even the 2012 London Olympics honours the founder of the World Wide Web


Berners-Lee, Web take bow at Olympics | CNet



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Those of you who have watched the Opening Ceremony for the 2012 London Olympics may have thought that the obvious factors associated with Britain like the cottages, Industrial Revolution or the Beatles would be honoured in this ceremony.

But think again!. As part of a celebration of the recent popular history that was centred around life in an archetypal UK semi-detached house, there was a chance to celebrate the foundation of what has made the Internet-driven life tick. Here, the house fell away to reveal Sir Tim Berners-Lee, the founder of the World Wide Web, tap out a Tweet that celebrated this milestone to the connected lifestyle on the invention that he stood behind.

This ceremony definitely integrated the foundation stone of the home network and the connected life, with some of us perhaps watching it through the Web rather than on regular broadcast TV.

Sports Scoreboard Apps–Relevant to the Olympics


Follow the 2012 Olympic games on your iOS or Android phone | CNet

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London 2012 Official Results App

London 2012 Official Results App

Whatever side of the world you are on, you will be wanting to keep tabs on the Olympic Games in London. For example, you may want to know whether your country is clawing the Gold medals or a favoured athlete is performing well in the sport you are watching. It can even extend to knowing when a new world record has been set or broken.

But the problem is that you may be watching it during that Olympics party that you are attending or hosting at home and everyone runs in to the living room for that key race where that record is being set or broken. Or you are watching an Olympics event in that crowded bar and you want to make sure you can get that drink without missing that record-breaker or gold-medal performance. A good thing to do is to equip your smartphone with an Olympics sports-scoreboard app. Like most apps of this kind, these are offered for free by a sports publisher or broadcaster or one of the official sponsors of the sport.

These apps will benefit people who are on the other side of the world where the activities occur overnight and they may not be able to follow them in real time. Here, the sports scoreboard apps can be useful for checking on the scores for the events that just occurred as part of starting your day’s activities so you can decide whether to watch the replays or not.

Your local official broadcaster, like the NBC in America, may run a scoreboard app for the major mobile platforms. There is also a good scoreboard that is offered by Samsung for both the iOS and Android platforms. This one offers the scoreboard for each of the fixtures as well as a medal tally and the ability to track an event or athlete. The limitation with this is that you cannot track a country team, whether for team-driven or individual-driven sports. ScoreMobile currently offers an “event alert” for medals and breaking news, but nothing more.

It is still worth considering these apps as part of “tooling up” your smartphone or tablet computer for the Olympics so you can have the best value out of these games when you use these devices.