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Game On with a Gaming Tablet PC


Project Fiona Now the Razer Edge: A Full-on Gaming Tablet

My Comments

Previously, “full-on” gaming has been focused at highly-strung “gaming-rig” desktop PCs running the latest version of Windows. Lately there have been a few performance laptops like what Alienware releases that would please the Starcraft fanatic and a few all-in-one computers with performance credentials that would suit gamers like the HP Z1 have come on to the market.

Similarly, NVIDIA have run a special games app store for their Tegra ARM processors where “full-on” games are made available for some of the Tegra-powered Android tablets such as the ASUS Transformer Prime. But now Razer have set up a Windows 8 tablet PC that isn’t any weakling when it comes to games performance.

This is a highly-customisable touchscreen computer that is driven by the current-generation Intel Core processors. As for graphics, this would have the discrete NVIDIA chipsets and its secondary storage is SSD rather than the hard disk. Personally, I would go for the “Pro” version which has up to 256Gb storage and could cater for a few games that have all the extra downloadable content or mods such as extra characters, civilizations or maps.

There are options to control the tablet PC such as a game-controller dock as well as a keyboard dock. One limitation I would suspect that this unit would have is that it chews through the batteries very quickly due to the performance components needed to keep those characters moving.

This is another example of how the new integrated touchscreen computers are being shoehorned to suit diehard “World-Of-Warcraft” gaming enthusiasts or multimedia enthusiasts rather than still being considered “toys”.