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US data confirms that fibre-optic broadband boosts property values


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Fibre broadband can boost property values

I have previously covered the issue of the available of fibre-based next-generation broadband service at a property boosting its value in the UK. This is based upon Rightmove using the availability of this broadband service as a deciding factor for buying property and Berkeley Group, a UK property developer pushing for integration of this technology in to their newer property developments.

Now the same line concerning property desireability and values has “jumped the Pond” and been realised in the US through a Fiber To The Home Council study. Here, some comments place that the home would acquire approximately USD$5000 extra value based on it being connected to FTTP next-generation broadband service.

According to these studies, there isn’t much growth in the US concerning next-gen broadband with 58 FTTP providers operating there. Issues that are affecting the growth are strangleholds imposed on new competing communications infrastructure by various state governments to protect incumbent cable-TV and telephone companies and not much awareness or need drivers to attract Average Joe Six-Pack to the technology.

Users who would find the technology of interest would be those who run their business from home or engage in telecommuting at least on a part-time basis. Similarly, those of us who are “cord-cutters” and draw down video content via the Internet would find the technology appealing especially as TV viewing becomes more “programme-based” rather than “channel-based”.

What needs to happen is proactive activity in rolling out next-gen broadband or providing access to competitive Internet service so that more Americans can enjoy using Internet and other communications services. Personally, I would like to see local government become involved in the next-generation broadband effort because the gain in property values could also lead to a gain in the effective property tax revenue that they receive.