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Ethernet-grade broadband arrives for Britain’s small business


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Most small businesses and professionals end up buying ADSL or similar Internet technology due to it being considered cost-effective. But most of these services yield a higher download speed than upload speed which would suit consumers who download more content.

But the reality with small businesses and professionals is that they need to upload as much as they download. For example, they may want applications like remote backup or cloud-driven data services or they may make heavy use of VoIP or similar communications technology. Except for a hadful of FTTP services like Gigaclear’s where there is the same high upload and download speed, the slow upload speed may put these businesses at a disadvantage.

Zen, a UK ISP have offered a small-business “leased-line” Ethernet-grade Internet service that works with FTTC and FTTP connections to provide from 2Mbps to 10Mbps simultaneous bandwidth at the prices that this group of users can afford. This includes hardware like a managed router and options like failover DSL connections if the main line goes down.

Once more services like these start to come on line for small business at the prices that these businesses can afford, it could open up paths for these business to move off download-focused consumer Internet to business-focused Internet that is also about larger upload bandwidth.