Getting the most out of your computer or mobile device

Email and Communication

Audio and AV with your computer

Making better use of the big screen

How you can gain better mileage out of the large-screen TV or video projector that you are connecting to your computing device.

  • Web page on a big screen – How? – An article on how to show a Web page to a group of people using that big TV screen or projector. At home, this applies to showing that social-network page to your family or to show an online video service on the big TV. At business, this applies to training people about social networking for business or how to use an online service; or showing that newly-created Website. (iOS, Android, Windows, Macintosh)
  • FaceTime on the big screen with Apple TV – Being able to set up a videocall hosted on Apple’s FaceTime communications platform on the big screen with your iPhone or iPad and an Apple TV (iOS: 5 onwards, Apple TV: 3rd Generation onwards)
  • Showing photos on the large screen in your dual-screen setup – How to show photos or other bitmap images on a projector or other large screen connected to your computer without having to create a presentation on software like PowerPoint. This comes in handy if you want to quickly review images you took on the home or hotel-room TV or want to show photos that were previously organised and put in to a folder on that memory key. (Windows: 7 onwards)
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