Reference Information

This page is where I will be placing information that helps you understand today’s computing environment such as a glossary and a network-hierarchy table.

Home Networking and IT Glossary of Terms – Understanding the terms associated with today’s home and small-business computing environment

Network Hierarchy Terms – Table with terms that describe data areas in a small network and devices that are part of a small network’s infrastructure.

Audio Reproduction Terms – Terms that relate to sound systems and the reproduction of broadcast or recorded sound. This will help you understand any such jargon that I may use when reviewing network-enabled audio equipment.

Software and Firmware Version Terms – Terms that describe the various “version levels” of a software or firmware version including what they will have. It also includes the various software-development versions that come about as a piece of software or firmware become ready for us to use. As well, this page identifies other paths where new software can be delivered to complement extant software.

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