Tabletop Internet radios

Pure Sensia 200D Connect Internet radioThis represents small AC-powered radios and music systems that have one or more integrated speakers and are intended to be kept on a table, bench or shelf. Some of these can effectively work in the bedroom as a replacement for that old clock radio.

Portable Internet radios

This class of product primarily covers lightweight radios and music systems that can be easily transported around the house and have the option to run on self-contained batteries.

  • Pure Evoke Flow portable Internet radio – A premium portable Internet radio with an OLED display that is the top of the Evoke line of portable digital radios. Can be run on battery power with a Pure ChargePAK battery pack.
  • Pure One Flow portable Internet radio – Pure’s basic portable Internet radio which can be used as a replacement for the old transistor radio.

Wireless Speakers and Speaker Docks for mobile devices

Pure Jongo T6 wireless speaker

ing a Bluetooth speaker like this with multiple source devices in the same room

These are speakers or speaker docks that primarily work as DLNA MediaRenderer devices for smartphones or tablets amd, in a lot of cases, serve as Internet radios under the control of a manufacturer-supplied mobile-platform app.

  • Boston Acoustics MC-200 Air wireless speaker – A basic compact “no frills” wireless network speaker that is designed by a company with a hi-fi pedigree and can serve the job well.
  • Marantz Audio Consolette speaker dock – Marantz’s 60th Anniversary edition speaker dock / Internet radio which is designed for high-quality sound and has a lot of power behind it.
  • Pure Jongo S3 wireless speaker – A top-firing DLNA / Bluetooth wireless speaker that is battery operated thus suitable for personal outdoor use.
  • Pure Jongo T6 wireless speaker – Part of the Pure Jongo multi-speaker synchronous audio system, this is a large bassy DLNA-capable Wi-Fi / Bluetooth speaker that works as part of the home network.
  • Sony SA-NS410 wireless speaker – A compact wireless speaker that can work with your smartphone or your home network. Also has Internet-radio functionality with the Network Audio Remote app.
  • Sony SA-NS510 Portable Wireless speaker – A compact battery-operated wireless speaker that works with your smartphone or DLNA home network but is an Internet radio courtesy of the Network Audio Remote app. Recommended for use near that swimming pool or spa area for those pool parties.

Network-Enabled Music and AV Systems

This class of equipment, in a similar vein to the music centre / compact stereo or bookshelf music system,  has speakers that are in separate enclosures but are supplied with the system. They will typically have a more powerful amplifier and are able to fill an average sized living room with sound without sounding stressed or tinny.

  • Sony CMT-MX750Ni Internet-Enabled Micro Music System (also Sony CMT-MX700Ni) – A “micro” stereo system that is able to connect to the home network and Internet. It is also able to work fully as a DLNA media player and controlled device.
    (3-piece micro stereo system – CD, iPod dock, FM RDS analogue radio, DAB+ digital radio, USB)
  • Denon CEOL Series – A series of three-piece micro stereo systems which are optimised for high-quality sound and Internet / network connectivity. The CEOL comes with an FM broadcast tuner and CD player while the CEOL Piccolo is a smaller system that just has network and Internet sources.
    (3-piece micro stereo system – CD (CEOL), iPod dock, FM RDS analogue radio (CEOL), USB)

Network Media-Adaptor Components including Blu-Ray players and Internet-radio tuners

Sony BDP-S390 Blu-Ray Disc PlayerThese are components that are intended to provide network or Internet-sourced media to an external amplifier and /or display device. They may have an integrated optical-disc player or regular broadcast tuner.

  • Pure Jongo A2 network media adaptor – An agile network audio adaptor that links your sound system to music content available on a DLNA media server on a small network; or a smartphone, tablet or laptop computer via Bluetooth.
  • Sony BDP-S380 Blu-Ray player – an entry-level Blu-Ray player from Sony that offers Internet video access but doesn’t offer DLNA Network media playback. The Sony BDP-S480 offers the functions of this player as well as DLNA Network Media playback.
  • Sony BDP-S390 Blu-Ray Player– A compact Blu-Ray player from Sony that offers DLNA media playback including “push-driven” playback as well as access to the Bravia Internet Video service. Good for enabling the older or cheaper TV part of the home or small-business network. (New)
  • Western Digital WD TV Live network media adaptor – A handy little media adaptor that can convert your old TV or good projector into a network media player.
  • Western Digital WD TV Live network media adaptor (2011 model) – The latest Wi-Fi-equipped version of the WDTV Live

Hi-Fi and Home Theatre Receivers

These are units that have a built in amplifier as well as the ability to play network-sourced media and / or broadcast content. They aren’t supplied with speakers or a primary display as part of the deal and the user is expected to supply the speakers and / or primariy display for the unit.