I will be gradually assembling a collection of useful material that will be presented in PDF (Adobe Reader) form so it is easier to print out or download to your computer or mobile device as “on-hand” reference material. Some material like reference sheets may be intended to be printed out for you to fill in by hand so you can file it away easily with your papers.

This information will be free to download and print but if it is to be used in other publications, it should be attributed to HomeNetworking01.info .

Facebook and other social networks

Using Facebook Better (PDF)

A reference sheet about where to post that comment or other information on Facebook so as to avoid embarrassing or hurtful situations. It is based on “Facebook – Where should I write and where do I write that post” and “Someone saying things “off the wall” on the (Facebook) Wall about you” .

Operating System Skills

These sheets may be worth printing out as a useful reminder for those of you who may find certain computing skills difficult. They are also worth keeping beside computers that are used by people with differing computer-skills abilites.

How To Safely Remove A USB Flash Drive (PDF – Windows 7, 8.1 and 10)

An instruction sheet describing how you should safely remove a USB flash drive, SD card or similar removable storage device from your computer. This is based on “Why Do You Need To Safely Remove Or Eject Removeable Media” which covers this same topic.

Showing Photos On The Large Screen In Your Dual-Screen Setup (PDF – Windows 7, 8.1 and 10)

A reference sheet describing how to show a collection of digital images in a folder on a secondary large screen like a projector using Windows Photo Viewer that is part of Windows. This is based on “Showing Photos On the Large Screen In Your Dual-Screen Setup” which covers this same topic.

Other Useful Information

How To Look After Your Video Projector Properly (PDF)

A reference sheet you can print out and keep with your video projector’s or AV / presentation system’s documents about how to look after it so there isn’t excessive heat build-up and that your projector works reliably for the long haul.

Utility Pages

Single Colour Test Sheet (PDF)

A four-page test sheet which has a large area of cyan, magenta, yellow and black one each page. This is to be used if you have problems with your Epson or Brother piezoelectric-inkjet printer yielding substandard print quality due to airlocks in the ink delivery system as mentioned in “Poor print quality from your Epson or Brother inkjet printer? Airlocks may be the problem“”.

Network Configuration Sheet (PDF)

Print this sheet out and write your network details such as router configuration password, wireless-network SSIDs and passphrases on this sheet for you to keep in your household file. This will be important if you enrol equipment to your network or need to make modifications to your router’s settings including updating its firmware. This is mentioned in my feature article on setting up a new router.