Computer Hardware and Systems

  • How To Go About Buying A Performance-Focused Computer – Understanding the different classes of high-performance computers including the different product types such as gaming, prosumer / content-creator and workstation computers. It also includes making sure you choose the right system for your budget.
  • Laptop Buyer’s Guide 2016-2018 – An updated buyer’s guide regarding laptop and similar computers. This time, it factors in the newer high-performance computers, the “2-in-1” computers that can become a laptop one moment and a tablet the other moment, amongst newer trends that allow for upgrading a laptop computer’s calibre. But still a situation-focused buyer’s guide with an emphasis on whether you are buying it as your main or only computer or as a secondary portable computer.
  • Buying a network-enabled printer – How to go about buying a value-for-money printer or multifunction printer/scanner combo device that works with your home or small business network.
  • Buying a printer for your small business – A printer buying guide specifically targeted at the small-business or community organisation owner.
  • Should I buy a mobile printer for my laptop – Advice about buying those battery-operated lightweight mobile printers for use with your laptop. This includes the fact that these are intended as secondary or auxiliary on-the-road printers.
  • Should I buy a secondary printer for my home network – What to think of when you are considering the purchase of another printer for your home or small business.
  • Improving your portable computer equipment’s sound quality– An overview of options available for improving your laptop’s, tablet computer’s or Internet radio’s sound.
  • Buyets’ Guide – Headphones and earphones – How to go about choosing the right headphones or earphones to go with your laptop, tablet, smartphone or MP3 player.

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