You may discover that the material on is worth reading but you want to take this content further.

For example, I can provide various levels of personal IT consulting and tuition for yourself, your family or your community, whether this involves purchasing and specifying new equipment, optimising your network or dealing with problems that beset existing equipment.

Or you may want to engage me to write some material for your blog or publication about personal and small-business IT. This can also include providing some information material that may be used for that reference manual or compendium; or a guest post for your blog to even a column for your publication.

IT Consulting for Home and Small-Business Users

Assistance with purchasing or specifying new equipment

Most of you may be at a point where you are intending to purchase new information-technology and online-entertainment equipment for yourself, your home or your small business or community organisation, This will also encompass a situation where you have to specify new equipment that your small business or community organisation is intending to buy.

Here, I can identify our needs including any existing hardware and software that you are running and help you with choosing the appropriate hardware and software that fits within your needs and budget while making sure you are getting the best value for money.

This can also include me helping you with installing the new equipment and making it work with your existing system.

As I review products for this Website and know about newer equipment being released, I gain more knowledge about the equipment available to purchase including the features and specifications. This helps me to provide better information that helps you make informed decisions about what to purchase for your needs.

Small Network Optimisation and Support

I can help you with ensuring that your home or small-business IT network is optimised for the task you are putting it to. This will include assessing Wi-Fi wireless-network coverage and performance and identifying which network setup would best suit your needs and premises, along with setting up the necessary equipment to do its job or providing the appropriate guidance when you set up the equipment.

For example, you may move premises and want some assistance with making sure that your network does cover your premises properly and safely. This may also include situations where a change of broadband-service technology or Internet service provider may entail you having to install a newer router, whether it is one supplied by the carrier or one you bought from a computer dealer or consumer-electronics store. It also applies to a situation where you had to replace an underperforming router.

As well, I can assess whether a Wi-Fi hotspot you are using for your business’s public-access Internet is set up to provide this service properly. This includes being useable by your customers, patrons or guests on your premises and allowing these users to use it safely.

Equipment support

If you are having problems with your existing equipment, I can help you out with troubleshooting the problem and, if possible, rectifying it.

If I can’t rectify the problem and you have to seek further repairs, I can provide you with the information that you need so the problem can be fixed properly and promptly. This means that whoever fixes the situation can know the exact faults to target, avoiding the need to waste time with more troubleshooting, especially where time is money.

The support may include removal of viruses and other unwanted software that may be clogging up your computer equipment or to assist you with installing and configuring newer hardware and software. It can also include making sue that the software, including device firmware is up to date so your equipment is working properly and securely.

IT and Internet Tuition

Some of you may find certain IT tasks difficult and I am therefore in a position to teach you the skills needed to perform these tasks. It doesn’t matter how much experience you have had with computing and allied tasks because I can cater to these needs.

I also encourage and teach people how to use their computer safely so as to avoid scams and malware, along with knowing how to configure it to suit your needs exactly and in a safe manner. As well, I can teach you how to make sure your home or other small network stays working in an optimum manner.

Tech concierge / clinic service

Some of you may want me to provide this support and tuition to your community on a “concierge” or “clinic” basis where I work with each person who needs this assistance on a one-to-one basis. This may be providing help with configuring their computer to suit their needs and wishes, to rectify a problem or learn a particular skill such as how to operate a newer computer program.

This may appeal to hotels and similar businesses who may want someone to assist guests with “getting on board” with your facility’s public-access Wi-Fi service; a building committee or similar management organisation in charge of an apartment block or similar residential development who wants to have someone who is “tech literate” provide a helping hand to their residents when it comes to personal technology as part of an effort to reach out to their residents; a traders’ association who may want someone to assist their member traders with personal or business technology issues; or a community group needing someone who can come to their meetings to help its members with personal technology

Supplying technology material relevant to home and small-business users

I can write articles on information-technology that are relevant to anyone who uses this technology for their own user or as part of running a small business or community organisation. These articles can be supplied to new and existing print and online publications whether they face a particular trade or the general public; or they could be part of internal documentation.

This could range from a guest post for your blog;  through a chapter for an information manual; to an article for a newspaper, newsletter or magazine. Normally this will require myself to be credited for the material that I supply, typically though a byline or something similar but some of you may prefer something different and I can satisfy these needs.


If you do want to engage me to provide any of these services, please don’t hesitate to contact me using the Contact Form.