WD MyNet Switch rear Ethernet connections

8-port Gigabit Ethernet switch for use when you wire for Ethernet

These are articles about shaping and optimising your home network to suit your needs and situation. This includes articles ahte cover technologies that will be applicalbe to the development of a small network.

Network Setup Issues

Here, these articles concern getting going with broadhand Internet or having that small network how you wish. It also includes issues like making sure you have the proper wireless coverage or extend the Internet to other buildings in your property like the “man-cave” garage or cabin.

  • Setting Up A New Router – How to go about setting up a typical Internet router for secure proper Internet service and network operation when you replace or upgrade an existing router or take on broadband Internet service at your home or small business.

Network Technologies

HomePlug powerline networks

HomePlug AV adaptor

The basis for a HomePlug AV powerline-network segment

Wi-Fi wireless networks

Ethernet “new-wires” networks

Newer network technologies

  • Being Ready For IPv6 – Understanding the new IPv6 Internet technology and how it will affect your home or small-business network.
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