WD MyNet Switch rear Ethernet connections

8-port Gigabit Ethernet switch for use when you wire for Ethernet

These are articles about shaping and optimising your home network to suit your needs and situation. This includes articles ahte cover technologies that will be applicalbe to the development of a small network.

Network Setup Issues

Here, these articles concern getting going with broadhand Internet or having that small network how you wish. It also includes issues like making sure you have the proper wireless coverage or extend the Internet to other buildings in your property like the “man-cave” garage or cabin.

  • Setting Up A New Router – How to go about setting up a typical Internet router for secure proper Internet service and network operation when you replace or upgrade an existing router or take on broadband Internet service at your home or small business.

Multi-Building Home Networks

This is for people who live in suburban, regional or rural areas where the property will have extra buildings in addition to the main house. As you desire to make these buildings a place to work, live or play in, you may want to have them part of your home network.

Network Technologies

HomePlug powerline networks

HomePlug AV adaptor

The basis for a HomePlug AV powerline-network segment

Wi-Fi wireless networks

  • Understanding 802.11n High-Bandwidth Wireless Networks – Knowing about the Wi-Fi 4 (802.11n) high-bandwidth wireless network standard and what is needed to deploy these wireless networks
  • Understanding Wi-Fi Direct – Knowing about the new Wi-Fi Direct feathre for creating Wi-Fi-based personal-area networks without a hardware access point or router.
  • New nonenclature for Wi-Fi wireless networks – Understanding what the Wi-Fi 4, Wi-Fi 5 and Wi-Fi 6 names mean when describing how capable your Wi-Fi network equipment is.
  • Understanding WPA3 Wi-Fi network security – What will the new WPA3 Wi-Fi network security that is part of Wi-Fi 6 be about. This includes compatibility modes that cater towards existing Wi-Fi client devices that support WPA2.
  • Wi-Fi EasyConnect – A new method to onboard new Wi-Fi network devices to your home network. This will move beyond transcribing Wi-Fi network passwords or pressing the WPS button on the router and new device.
  • Understanding Wi-Fi EasyMesh distributed networks – What will Wi-Fi EasyMesh mean for distributed multiple-access-point wireless networks especially where devices will appear from different vendors?

Ethernet “new-wires” networks

Newer network technologies

  • Being Ready For IPv6 – Understanding the new IPv6 Internet technology and how it will affect your home or small-business network.