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Increased VDSL activity in Baden-Württenberg

Telekom: VDSL-Ausbau in BaWü geplant (VDSL service in Baden-Württemberg planned) | VDSL.de (Germany – German language)

My comments and translated notes from this story

There is some increased VDSL deployment activity occurring in Baden-Wurttemberg with an intent to make sure it is “switched on” in Crailsheim, Satteldorf and Rudolfsberg by June-August 2011 (north-hemisphere Summer). I have used Google Maps to have a look at these towns and found that these are the small country towns with Rudolfsberg being a village.

Deutsche Telekom will be needing to lay 70km worth of new fibre-optic cable and install the necessary VDSL2 switch-boxes to provide this service to the three towns.

At the moment, they would need to have 2000 potential subscribers registering interest for VDSL2 service in these three towns by the beginning Dec 2010 and want to run with their “Call & Surf Comfort VDSL” telephone+Internet plan as the preferred deal.

This plan which is worth €44.95 / month yields inclusive telephone calling to German landlines and VDSL Internet use with a bandwidth of 25Mbps standard or 50Mbps for €5 extra.

What would be interesting to know is whether all of these communities will achieve the 2000-potential-customer goal in order to see more of rural Baden-Württenberg become covered with VDSL2. It would also be interest to find out whether any of the rural VDSL2 services in Germany do make the contract bandwidths. This may be more likely because of that country being one who operates on precision and excellence and the telephony infrastructure being kept in high order.