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A Sony Network Media Player to upgrade your HDTV with

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Already have a Sharp LCD TV / Blu-Ray Disc combo or a good LCD TV or projector hooked up to a Blu-Ray player that you like so much? You may want network video playback or access to Internet TV.

This was fulfilled with devices like the WD TV Live or similar devices but if you place heavy value on consumer-electronics brands, you could be interested in the Sony SMP-N100 Networked Media Player. This unit isn’t just a DLNA Networked Media Player but is a dedicated component version of the Sony Bravia Internet Video platform which is what Sony is using to bring Internet video and applications to the lounge-room TV.

It can work with an 802.11g/n Wi-Fi home network, an Ethernet network or a HomePlug network if you use a HomePlug-Ethernet bridge and can play media from USB Mass-Storage Devices but there are still a few questions that need to be answered.

One is whether the device can work properly as a Network Media Renderer where it is controlled by a DLNA-compliant external controller like TwonkyManager, Andromote or PlugPlayer and the other is whether it can handle high-definition media like high-resolution “megapixel” JPEGs or AVC-HD videos properly and quickly on suitable equipment. The former function is one I would consider important if you are using it to play music from your home network and you don’t want to turn on the TV to select what you want to play.

At least this is an example of a way of bringing Internet-based video to most users in a cost-effective way without having to consider replacing video equipment.