The end of McColo – OXYGEN 3 (E-bulletin on IT security)

 The end of McColo – OXYGEN 3 (E-bulletin on IT security)

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Some governments, most notably the UK government, are implementing crack-house or disorderly-premises close-down procedures where they can close down premises which are used for crime or disorder.

This incident where McColo, an ISP frequented by malware distributors and spammers, has been closed down because of the malware and spam that has emanated from that domain means that someone is looking towards using this kind of action in cyberspace. This would be similar to the effect on a neighbourhood whenever a crack house or a bar frequented by criminals is closed down, whether through official mandate or not.

If this kind of thing happens frequently with the Internet, through the watchfulness of the netizens, this could lead towards a safer Internet environment with fewer malware existing and mailboxes free of “fly-by-night” spam.

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