Telstra’s Mum 2.0 Videos about social networking

This series of short video lessons produced by Telstra gives a very good explanation about social networking sites like Facebook and how to use these sites sensibly. They are mainly pitched at older folk who most likely don’t understand these sites and describe a Facebook profile in a similar way to your home that you had just moved in to.

They talk of the primary concepts such as

  • adding online friends such as Facebook Friends to your profile
  • uploading pictures to your profile and what pictures you should upload
  • use of the social network site’s applications like FunWall, FarmTown, the many Facebook Gifts application and online “love meters”
  • joining online groups and “fan pages” within the social network and
  • tuning your privacy settings for your needs

If you are viewing the videos from this blog post, there will be a series of video thumbnails at the bottom of the video screen when the videos finish.

This will augment some of the posts that I have put up in my blog about getting the most out of Facebook and other social networks.

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