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Hi everyone!

I have changed this blog’s title to “” to make it easier to remember, especially that the Web address is , thus the URL name will effectively become the blog’s “brand”.  

However, it will still focus on home, community and small-business IT and network issues and will also include “on-the-go” network and Internet access for these communities. It also includes some articles concerning the Internet experience such as social-network use, which may perplex most people who don’t use the Internet regularly.

As well, I have enabled a mobile-optimised view which will appear if you are viewing the blog from a smartphone or other handheld device. Both views have a link to allow you to choose the one most appropriate for your device in case the blog doesn’t respond properly or you are using a “tablet” device which may be seen as a handheld device.

The desktop view has a “Print this article” button at the end of each article so it is easier to print out or fax the articles if you need to do so. This is because some articles, such as those I have written about Facebook use, may be wiorth printing out and attaching to a noticeboard by the computer.

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