Samsung – one of the few major contributors to the DLNA Home Media Network

I have been observing various Web feeds and found that Samsung has been working heavily on contributing to the DLNA Home Media Network in many different ways.

They had integrated the functionality in to most of their high-end Wi-Fi-enabled digital cameras and into their smartphones issued over the last year or so. An example of this is Epic 4G which is the latest 4G-enabled smartphone now available to Sprint customers in the US, where this phone can be a media player, server and controller.

As far as the main lounge-room or home theatre is concerned, all of their TV sets that are based on the Series 7, 8 or 9 chassis which includes most, if not all, of their “main viewing area” flatscreen TV models sold over the last two years are DLNA enabled and is now integrated into an increasing number of the Series 6 flatscreen TVs issued since model-year 2009. These TV sets and the DLNA-equipped ones offered by Sony have been considered as an option for small business and education when it comes to applications like digital-signage because of their cost-effectiveness and ready availability at most of the big-name electrical retailers.

As well, they are rolling this function in to most of their Blu-Ray players and Blu-Ray-based “home-theatre-in-box” systems. Surprisingly, they have provided this function in to the BD-C8000 which is the Blu-Ray equivalent of the portable DVD player that may be used to “pacify” kids with a movie during a long road trip. This is a product class that is less likely to be endowed with this kind of functionality because most of these players are made in a cost-driven manner.

It will be interesting to see what Samsung will come up with next as they design and release newer equipment over the subsequent years.

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