Article on DLNA as part of the networked home

Wired but wireless: DLNA and the push for networked homes | Good Morning Silicon Valley

My comments on this article

This article had focused on the rise of DLNA as part of the home network. It highlighted the fact that most of the recent crop of smartphones had the function supplied in a turnkey manner by the manufacturer.  This is also augmented by Windows 7 being equipped with DLNA functionality and the fact that most network-attached storage devices on the market come with a UPnP AV / DLNA server in them. It has also been assisted through an increasing number of Internet-enabled TVs and DVD players from the major manufacturers having this function built in to them.

It also described in a very convincing way the heterogenous nature of this standard by describing how media was moved between different-branded devices.  This involved the use of a Samsung TV and an Epson printer as media “sinks” and the Nokia and Motorola Droid X phones being media controllers and a NAS holding iTunes music as a media source. The Nokia was also used as a media source and the Motorola Droid X was used as a music player for the demo network.

They even made a point about the fact that Apple Macintosh users can “join in the party”. I have touched on this with an article about the software solutions that are available for sharing media from an Apple Macintosh to a DLNA media player. Infact a friend of mine has set up such an arrangement by using NullRiver MediaLink to share media with his Sony PlayStation 3 games console.

The article may be worth a read so you can understand why I am standing for the DLNA / UPnP AV media-networking standard.

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