HDTVs and a BD-Live Blu-Ray player driven by Google TV offered by Sony to the US


Sony Intros the Worlds First HDTV Powered by Google TV | eHomeUpgrade

Sony Internet TV & Sony Internet Blu-ray Player Revealed at NYC Event | Sony Insider

My comments

The new Sony TVs and Blu-Ray player have moved from a regular Sony firmware to a firmware based on the Google TV platform with access to the Android Market. This will provide the extensibility that Google TV can provide especially when new “over-the-top” or interactive TV services come on the Internet scene.

There is no mention of any DLNA support for integration with the DLNA Home Media Network devices; but an Android app pitched at Google TV devices could solve the problem.

At the moment, these sets are only available to US market with the market-specific features such as an ATSC tuner with CableCard support and the BD-Live Blu-Ray player only able to play DVD Region 1 and BD Region A discs. But it doesn’t take long for Sony to reconfigure their TV devices for the European, Asian or Australian / New-Zealand markets by adding features that are specific to these markets .

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