UK riots–Best Internet resources to follow with

I have been following the UK riots very lately and have found that the BBC do provide good quality resources which can be of benefit around the world.

This would be important if you have relatives or friends who are based in the UK. Also, some of you may not have adequate coverage of this event in your country, especially on TV.

BBC Radio London (available on all Internet-radio directories – vTuner, Reciva, RadioTime)

There is continual reporting from the front with news and traffic reports being run on the quarter-hour. The traffic reports do yield information about areas that have been closed off and give a sense of where the troublespots are by reporting on road and rail closures.

BBC microsite

This site is running as a live dashboard but the live TV feed from BBC News 24 may not come through due to it being oversubscribed. There is a BBC ticker with news and information from different sources, including Twitter and email.

Other resources

The Guardian also run a microsite which is regularly updated with news as it comes in.

There is also a Google-powered map which has the verified areas where the trouble is occurring and this is based on verified data. This may be useful if you want to check whether your loved ones are at threat from the riots.

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