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Easy Phone Sync

Android client: Google Play

Desktop Handler: Developer’s download site 

Easy Phone Tunes

Android client: Google Play

Desktop Handler: Developer’s download site

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Some of you who own iPhones have perhaps thought of jumping over to some nice Android-driven smartphones like the HTC One X or the Samsung Galaxy S3. But some of you may have built up music, podcast and other data collections using the iTunes software and this is more so if you use a Mac.

Now Samsung have provided an “own-brand” version of Easy Phone Tunes as a data transfer tool to link the Android phone to iTunes. This tool, Easy Phone Sync, is based around an app that is installed on the Android phone and a desktop client that is installed on an iTunes-equipped regular computer that is running Windows or MacOS X.

The commonly-available “Easy Phone Tunes” app is more about syncing your iTunes music library or a subset thereof to the Android device rather than moving across the data like contacts info.

But what I see of this is that it is a step in the right direction to permit iPhone users to jump over to the more open-frame Android environment and also to support heterogeneous mobile-computing environments where there is a mix of Android and iOS devices.

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