Sony brings forth the 13” version of the VAIO Duo slider convertible


Sony VAIO Duo 13 review: a much-improved take on the Windows 8 slider | Engadget

Sony gives the slider another shot with the VAIO Duo 13: coming June 9th for $1,400  | Engadget

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Sony VAIO Duo 13 slider convertible notebook Press image courtesy of SonyThe Sony VAIO Duo 11 computer has been improved upon this month with a release of a model that uses a 13” screen. This model, known as the VAIO Duo 13 also exposes some useability improvements including an improved slide-out mechanism that is easier to manage. It also has the similar dimensions but uses narrower bezels around the screen and keyboard.

But they have also added a touchpad for those of you who are used to the old laptop trackpad and the keyboard isn’t as cramped as the original Duo 11. This makes for a slider convertible that can appeal to those of us who still like to type out content. There is also a stylus for writing down notes or “roughing-out” drawings.

Of course, there is new horsepower under the hood with the Duo 13 implementing the Intel Haswell chipset. This has an advantage for longer battery runtime with most activities. Sony have also made a GT-like performance edition of the Duo 13 available as part of the lineup, this time with an Intel i7 processor. Sony is also offering integrated wireless broadband as a specification option, most likely with units sold via mobile-phone carriers.

One may think that a 13” slider convertible like the VAIO Duo 13 is a bit too much as a tablet but is the “right size” for creating content. The use of a narrower bezel on the screen and achieving a similar size to the Duo 11 may make the large screen appeal for tablet use while also appealing for typing up those notes when you are on that flight.

It is another example of improved touchscreen convertible laptops appearing on the market as a capable product class for Windows 8/

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