Spotify to run a music playout service for businesses


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Spotify - to be available as a legitimate business music service

Spotify – to be available as a legitimate business music service

Spotify is now moving in on the commercial-music-playout game by working with a firm founded by the founder of Beats Music to offer businesses access to the Spotify music library for a subscription.

The main issue that was being considered an obstacle for Spotify to enter this game was copyright implications concerning playback of music in a commercial setting like a bar or a shop. This involved the concept of making sure musicians, composers and record labels got their public-performance royalties when music is used this way and has been sorted out in Stockholm before the service went to launch in that market.

They want to offer features like scheduled music so you can have particular music to set a venue’s mood for a particular time of day; along with offline play so that slow Internet connections don’t impact on music playout. This also allows Spotify business customers to establish their presence on the Spotify service which may, hopefully, allow either a “take it home” service for the music or the ability for regulars to influence the playlist and is part of allowing that business to cement their position on Spotify like they can do on other social media.

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