Google now offers a VR tour of 10 Downing Street

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Google Arts And Culture 10 Downing Street door by Jdforrester crop from original by Prime Minister's Office, HM Government. (2010 Official Downing Street pic.jpg) [OGL (], via Wikimedia Commons

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Virtual Tour – 10 Downing Street

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One of the most important halls of power in the world has been 10 Downing Street, where the British Prime Minister lives and the most important rooms of this place have been taken further with Google’s virtual-reality tour.

Here, Google had made this place, normally off-limits to the public, available in a manner that you can browse around the public rooms associated with Britain’s political life, especially where they were underscored by two key Prime Ministers – Harold Wilson and Margaret Thatcher.

It works just as well with your regular computer or a mobile device and you can enjoy this with the Google Cardboard virtual-reality viewer. If you use a regular computer that doesn’t implement a touch screen, you can get a similar benefit using a scrollwheel-enabled mouse or a multitouch-capable trackpad. Here you can zoom in on some of the pictures in the rooms or the Grand Staircase using that zoom gesture for the touchscreen or multitouch-capable trackpad or operate the scrollwheel on your mouse.

Anyone who is studying British history or the politics associated with countries that follow the Westminster system should have a look at this virtual-reality tour that underscores where one of the most important politicians has always lived.

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