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Improvements now available for some of Sony’s VAIO computers including the VAIO E-Series

 Sony updates VAIO F, E, and L with shiny new silicon, a pinch of Blu-ray and some denser screens — Engadget

My comments on this upgrade

I am reporting on this latest round of VAIO improvements because it pertains to the VAIO E Series laptop computer that I reviewed in this site a few months ago. Sony VAIO E-Series laptop

Two models in this series, the  EA and  EB models will have access to better “horsepower” in the form of the Intel Core i5-460M (2.53GHz) and i5-580M (2.66GHz) processors for US$130 and US$230 extra. As well, the EB and EC models come with 1080p-resolution (1920 x 1080) screens as a complimentary option until October whereupon this option will cost US$50 extra. This is now pushing the E Series in to the premium multimedia league as far as work-home laptops are concerned.

The VAIO F series performance-tuned gaming laptop that is the range above the E-Series has been given some more performance options. It has a highly-tuned GeForce  GT425M graphics subsystem with 1Gb display RAM for US$50 extra and will be equipped with 2 USB 3.0 ports as standard.

Sony’s answer to the iMac, VAIO L Series, has not been forgotten about. This touchscreen-enabled all-in-one will come with a Blu-Ray burner rather than a Blu-Ray player / DVD burner as the optical drive for the US$2199 premium model.

What I have noticed is that this is an example of Sony adding more value to their Windows 7 VAIO computers as their way of satisfying people who are wanting Macintosh-like aesthetics and performance for the Windows platform.

The proces and specifications quoted here pertain to the US-market VAIO computers but it would be worth checking with the local Sony Style website or your local Sony VAIO computer dealer for the latest prices.