How can we differentiate the Android tablet further?


Vizio VIA – Tablets with special features (photos) – CNET Reviews

My Comments

Previously, I thought that there would be very little that manufacturers can use to differentiate their Android tablet computers from one another. Typically, this will end up with the tablets working in the same way and having some sort of cosmetic difference.

Here, the customer would be able to think of a 7” model for the coat pocket or a 10” model for the briefcase or coffee table. They may be able to choose between the models that have Wi-Fi only or models that also have built-in- wireless broadband; as well as different memory capacities.

But some companies have worked further on this by making sure some of their tablet computers are able to stand out from the pack. In this article, Sony had a unit that used two screens in a similar vein to the Nintendo DS handheld games console while Vizio ran with a model that has an infrared emitter and universal remote-control app which would allow it to earn its place on the coffee table. As well, Panasonic had run with a ruggedised tablet that suits those environments that may yield rough treatment to the typical tablet device.

What I have seen of this is that there is a chance for manufacturers to try new features for the Android tablet platform and use these features to make their models different not just cosmetically but in a functional way.

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