Now you can have your Leopard-based Apple Macintosh secure from the current threats


Apple issues Leopard update with Flashback removal tool – Engadget



Java security update (targets Flashback Trojan)

Adobe Flash security update


Latest Flash Player update

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Owning an older Macintosh computer that is running MacOS X Leopard but isn’t powerful enough to be upgraded to Snow Leopard or Lion? Or you haven’t upgraded your Mac to Snow Leopard or Lion due to keeping a LocalTalk peripheral in service using that link.

You may fear that this situation may make you vulnerable to the recent security scares involving Trojan-Horse programs written in cross-platform code that is targeting the Macintosh platform. Now Apple has remedied that problem by releasing two patches targeting this version of MacOS X.

The Java security update checks for and removes the Flashback Trojan from your Mac, but also disables Safari’s Java plug-in. If you need to use Java in Safari, you would need to visit the Preferences menu by going to Safari>Preferences or pressing [Command] and [,], then clicking the “Enable Java” option.

The Adobe Flash update will disable the out-of-date version of Adobe Flash Player end encourage you to visit Adobe’s Website in order to download the latest version of the software. Here, you make sure that you are downloading for MacOS X 10.4 – 10.5 to get the latest version for your MacOS X Leopard computer.

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