Chipping Norton to have full fibre broadband


thinkbroadband :: Full fibre on its way to 9,000 premises in and around Chipping Norton

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The action is now in the Cotswolds for a full fibre-optic rollout in the UK. The effort is organised by Cotswolds Broadband to provide and manage this kind of broadband infrastructure to Chipping Norton and its neighbourhood.

It will be done on an infrastructure basis where customers will be dealing with retail internet providers like what is happening with ADSL services in the UK. The technology will be a full fibre-to-the-premises service with the cabling carried overhead rather than buried underground. But one of the main efficiencies that is promoted with the infrastructure project is that the infrastructure company is locally owned, this allowing the money to go back in to the community.

A question that needs to be raised is whether the service will be effectively transparent for the retail customers? This includes quality-of-service for multimedia services as well as the ability to provide IP-based telephony at the necessary standard for useability.

What I would see is that the more country areas that become enabled for next-generation broadband, the better. This is to place these areas on the map not just in an agricultural way but to satisfy newer “tree-change” realities.

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