Pioneer adds another network-capable device to the DJ table in the form of a CDJ


Pioneer CDJ-2000nexus updates the flagship DJ player, brings WiFi and slip mode (video) – Engadget

Pioneer CDJ-2000 Nexus | Mixmag

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Previously I wrote an article about the Pioneer XDJ-AERO bringing the Wi-Fi network to the DJ table so DJs can link laptops or mobile devices to their performance equipment and bring in the music on these devices as part of their set.

This time, Pioneer has taken this concept further with their CDJ-2000nexus, which is the first “CDJ” to implement network content delivery in a similar vein to the XDJ-AERO DJ console. This requires use of the rekordbox software on the regular or mobile computer to link the CDJ to the content held on the computer.

But, unlike the XDJ-AERO, the CDJ-2000 Nexus has the Ethernet port as its network connectivity option. Here, you could connect two or four of these decks to the LAN ports of a typical wireless router which is pressed in to service as an access point for the mobile devices, the ultra-cool MacBook AIr or other Wi-Fi only devices. Of course, you could connect laptops that have the Ethernet connection to these decks directly if it is just one unit or via an Ethernet switch if you have two or more.

This then leads to various functions and tricks which help with concurrent multi-deck work and, to that extent, there is even the ability to work parts of the same piece across the multiple interlinked decks.

Of course, the Pioneer CDJ-2000 Nexus can work with content held on the USB Mass-Storage devices, SD cards as well as regular or file-based CDs.

As far as I am concerned, it will be interesting to see what else will make the DJ table or booth require its own small network. For that matter, I would recommend that nightclubs who are designing or refurbishing their DJ booth as part of any capital works be encouraged to implement a small network for this area. As well, a surplus wireless router could end up becoming part of the kit a DJ transports with them in their van when they show up at their mobile gigs.

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