Why do I revise older feature articles on this site

I will be working through some of the feature articles and buyers’ guides on this site and refreshing the content in them.

Why I need to do this with these articles is primarily to bring the content up to date with the way consumer and small-business information technology is progressing. It has become such a situation that the technology that was referred to in an article may have been improved upon by newer and better technology.

Previously, I just revised the laptop computer buyer’s guide because of the new classes of laptop and notebook computers that had evolved over the past two years such as the Ultrabooks.  I will be releasing a revised version of the article about extending your wireless network due to the new capabilities that access points and wireless routers have such as dual-band 802.11n operation and WPS easy-setup functionality.

This is not an intention to regurgitate stale content but to bring advisory articles up to date with newer technology as is required of a technology-focused Website.

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