The Dell XPS 18 is getting closer to the VAIO Tap 20


Dell’s hybrid XPS 18 is a $900 all-in-one PC and an 18-inch tablet  | Engadget

My Comments

Previously, I had written an article about the imminent arrival of the Dell XPS 18 which would answer the Sony VAIO Tap 20 in the desktop bridge computer market. This is a class of computer which looks like an all-in-one computer but the screen can be used as a touch-responsive portable tablet.

Now Dell is having this model hit the American market for US$900 for the economy model and US$1350 for the premium model. From this article, the economy model would come with a 320Gb hard disk and a Pentium processor while the mid-tier and premium models would come with the i3 and i5 processors respectively. As for the RAM capacity, this would come in at the expected 4Gb.

I looked further and found that the mid-tier model would have 500Gb on the hard disk while the premium model would have 500Gb hard disk capacity and 32Gb SSD cache, All the systems have that desireable network setup of dual-band Wi-Fi wireless which is going to be the way to go as the next-generation broadband services come on line.

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