A reasonable price 15” mainstream laptop with a touchscreen appears from Dell

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Online salses sheet form Dell

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Windows 8 Modern UI start screen

At last you can benefit from the Modern UI on a reasonably-priced laptop using a touchscreen

If you are thinking of a laptop that works well with Windows 8 and its Modern UI via a touchscreen is out of your reach, think again.

Dell have released their new range of Inspiron 15 and Inspiron 15R mainstreams laptops which have the expectations of this class of laptop like an optical drive as well as 500Gb on the hard disk. These now have a touchscreen that goes a long way with Windows 8 with that tiled “Modern UI” and “quick access” to application functions on the Desktop.

These range from the entry-level model having an Intel i3 processor and only using integrated graphics for AUD$600 with better models being equipped with better processors, higher capacity hard disks and discrete game-worthy graphics.

At least the time has come around for 15” screens that endow mainstream consumer and small-business laptops to be available as touchscreens. It could also be the time that the 17” desktop replacement screen size becomes available as a touchscreen.

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