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A small non-profit organisation who typically is run by volunteer effort may not be able to have the latest and greatest technology. Typically, if the organisation doesn’t have access to people who are in the IT industry, they would work with very old donated hardware that runs very old computer software which, in some cases, is pirated and this doesn’t make for an office environment that is conducive to a smooth operation. You end up with equipment that can fall well short of the mark or, in a lot of cases, be failing too frequently.

At last a company has come to the defeice of the charities and non-profit organisations by offering recent computer hardware and software to this class of organisation at very reasonable prices. For example, a 5-computer licence of Windows 8 Professional costs AUD$44 through this location thus allowing these organisations to run genuine copies of the latest Windows operating system.

They also run many articles of interest concerning IT needs and deployment issues for this sector which I consider of importance as these organisations shape their computing and networking needs to their operational needs.

For customers to purchase equipment at the prices listed on this site, they and their organisation have to be approved by Connecting Up as a non-profit organisation and, yes, churches and other religious organisations can participate in these offers.

Connecting Up could be the chance for that scout group, school, church, community radio station or other small non-profit organisation to move away from those creaky old Windows-XP-running computers to something that will run very smoothly.

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