Could Seagate’s Windows Server NAS be a dream come true for small business?


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Seagate have just lately launched a four-bay business grade network-attached storage device that runs Windows Server.

This 4-bay business NAS has the expectations of a NAS of its class including being driven by Intel Atom horsepower and also has a USM removeable-disk slot for backup storage. It runs Windows Storage Server 2012 Release 2 and supports the Active Directory functionality so valued in a Windows-based enterprise or medium business.

One could see it work well as a branch server for a multi-site business or as a file server for small business – think of that small suburban medical clinic for example. But a question that I would raise about the Seagate Business Storage Windows Server NAS is whether it could be loaded with the server component of a client-server line-of-business application? This question could be raised by small businesses who want to use a sophisticated point-of-sale, property-management or patient-records application with a few client PCs as they increase their capacity.

Who knows what this kind of machine could offer as the small business server for the small business and whether others will offer Windows Server systems that match this for price and size for that small office.

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