Pioneer aftermarket car audio to have Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

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Pioneer AVIC-F77DAB car stereo press image courtesy of Pioneer

Pioneer AVIC-F77DAB car stereo that supports Android Auto and Apple CarPlay

I have raised the reality that in a car’s life, there will be the need to support smartphone interlink technology in a vendor-neutral manner because people change phones and cars very frequently with some changing to different phone platforms.

Pioneer has answered this reality with aftermarket car infotainment systems that work with both the Apple CarPlay platform and the Android Auto platform. They even support the Mirrorlink baseline requirement for having the car stereo be a terminal for your mobile device. Some of these units are also supporting the DAB reality as more countries in Europe and Oceania implement the Eureka-based DAB and DAB+ standards.

They will be a 2-DIN form factor with a touch screen and will fit well with most vehicles on the market since the 1980s. Here, the touchscreen will be the main control surface for your phone if you tether it to the infotainment system using the USB cable. But what I like about these systems is that a person can use an iPhone or an Android phone and get the full benefit from these systems.

As well, it is also symptomatic of the trend to use the touchscreen as a preferred control and display surface for newer gadgets.

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