Google Chromecast Audio–the heart of a wireless multiroom audio setup


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Those of us who own or are considering a Google Chromecast Audio device should apply the latest firmware update to this device. It will add two key functions to this device that will improve sound quality and useability.

If you connect a Google Chromecast Audio to one of the latest top-notch hi-fi amplifiers, you can let this amp rock when you feed the Chromecast “master-grade” (96kHz / 24-bit) FLAC files. You may be able to pick these files up from any “download-to-own” online-music store that courts audiophiles and offers the “master-grade” content.

As well, having multiple Chromecast Audio devices with this latest firmware can allow you to create a multiroom audio setup. Here, you use your Chrome extension program or Chromecast mobile app to create an ad-hoc synchronous playback setup involving one or more of these devices.

The low cost, typically of US$35, may make the Chromecast Audio appeal as a cheap option to connect a pair of active speakers, that 1980s-era “ghetto blaster” or a stereo system to your home network. It could even be seen as a “stocking-stuffer” gift that could earn its keep beyond the Christmas shopping season.

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