HP ePrint Improvement–Determine your ePrint address


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My Comments

When you currently set up an HP (Hewlett-Packard) ePrint-enabled printer’s ePrint features, you would receive a random email address for that printer. This would be difficult if you want to keep an easy-to-remember email-to-print address for your household’s or small business’s printer.

Now HP have improved this setup by allowing you to determine a custom email address for that printer. Of course, they have suggested as well that you implement the security functionalities tat are part of ePrint such as the approved senders list so that people who remember your printer’s email address don’t spam it.

There are some questions that I would have with this feature.

One would be whether one can transfer this address to different ePrint machines. This would happen when you relinquish your current ePrint printer and replace it with a newer machine.

Another issue would be whether you could allocate the one address to multiple ePrint printers. The obvious situation that would call for this would be where you have two or more ePrint printers on the one premises; such as a home setup with a B110a or Envy 100 in the living area and a C410a fax-equipped home-office machine in the home office. Or you may have an office setup that has one of the ePrint OfficeJets and an ePrint-enabled LaserJet.

The issues that may arise from this setup would include which printer gets all the ePrint jobs from that address and whether there are any flexible queue options available for these setups. An example of this could be one printer turning out the ePrint jobs but if it is “tied up” either by performing a large print run, needing its supplies replenished or being out-of-commission, the other printer could turn out the jobs.


At least this is one of the many steps to make the HP ePrint function more mature as far as customers are concerned.

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