Laptops still the preferred computing hardware in the UK


Laptops dominate UK speinding in personal computing kit ! RegHardware (UK)

HP Envy 15-3000 Series laptop

HP Envy 15-3000 Series full-size laptop

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It has been so easy to say that the tablet computer, especially the Apple iPad, has become the preferred computing device to buy. But latest figures from the UK have shown up that the laptop computer still hangs on as the main computing device to use.

There are some key reasons behind these figures realised by GTK who measure the equipment sold to the customers rather than boxes moved out of warehouses. One is the ability to create content on a lightweight machine that can be shifted around the house very easily.

This is more so as most of urban Britain lives in smaller houses like terraces or semi-detached houses as well as an increased number of flats.This kind of living is very receptive to the New Computing Environment which is central to portable

Toshiba Satellite L730 consuimer ultraportable

Toshiba Satellite L730 ultraportable notebook

As well, the typical 13”-17” laptop computer, including the new Ultrabooks uses a regular full-size keyboard that is conducive to full-bore touch-typing and most 15”-17” laptops also implement a proper numeric keypad that benefits very-quick numeric=data entry. You also have RAM sizes and secondary-storage sizes that accommodate most computing activities. I have even seen some people connect up regular desktop keyboards, mice and displays to these laptops to use them as “stationary one moment, portable the next” computers.

Unless you use the Android-driven Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime, you need to kit out a tablet computer with Bluetooth keyboards and mice to use them properly for content creation.

What this is really saying that the 13”-17” laptop computer is being preferred by the British as a regular-use computer because of its flexibility and portability and the tablets are being purchased and positioned as auxiliary casual-use computing devices.

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